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Sep 12, 2015: 4pm to 6:30pm
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Who Are We

The idea of Elan was born 10 years ago in the minds of two enterprising young women from Pakistan. They believed in the power of a support and networking group of business women and entrepreneurs, something lacking in Pakistan.

Their vision was to create a group that will not only bring together business women and professionals but also those women who wanted to be inspired and needed direction. Elan, an idea 10 years ago, is a reality today.

We are the women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. We are fashion designers, jewelry makers, bakers, cooks, web and print designers, interior decorators, fitness experts and so much more. We are creative, skilled, inspired and talented. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for.

We are the women of today. We are the architects of tomorrow.

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Purpose of Elan

The purpose of Elan Women’s Social Club is to inspire women to achieve, with special focus on business women. Business women and entrepreneurs are creative and driven and survival of their businesses depends on their inspiration and motivation. We have created a group to provide every woman a chance to grow her business.

We want to go beyond merely promoting them and help them have a vision, inspiration and motivation. Together the members of Elan Women’s Social Club can grow as individuals, as businesses, as a group and as a nation! The possibilities are endless!

Elan Women’s Social Club holds regular events to connect business women with each other and with potential buyers. We also hold workshops for facilitating and promoting businesses and teaching them the tricks of the trade.

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