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Saminaz Cakery | @saminazlovinoven

If you are looking for some wholesome and yummy desserts, look no further. This homebased cakery has lots of options. My most favourite is the Deep Dark Chocolate cake which I still have not tired of. 

If you have been to Women of Talent Festival and Elan Bazaar, then the name will sound familiar to you. You have probably seen it and had some yummy desserts from their stall already.

If not, come visit Elan Bazaar on Oct 1st at Region Banquet, National Sailing Club from 2pm to 9pm.

The yoghurt based cheescakes are also amazing. I just can’t get enough of the Orange flavoured one with a deep dark chocolate base. It comes in a full size as well as smaller sizes…you have to of course order more than one in that case.